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REVAMP Africa is an educational initiative focused on communicating to secondary students, pertinent and practical knowledge, equipping them with relevant tools that they require for a successful academic journey and life ahead. We aim to improve the values, reading culture and academic performance in students around Africa.


In order for us to make greater impact, we have at least four sessions with each school we.
Our facilitator-led sessions involve high impact teaching sessions, very engaging group discussions and reflective personal assessments for the children.

Using the book; Keys to Excelling in Secondary School as a guideline/syllabus, some of the topics read, discussed, read together and taught the students include;

– Values and Morality
– Interpersonal Relationships
– Peer Pressure
– Creating Study Groups
– Using what you have (Mind, Teachers, Parents, Technology)
– Hard Work and Discipline
– Class Participation
– Goal Setting
– Time Management and Organisational Skills

Some of these topics are taught based on their levels in class.


As a second level of engagement and as a follow-up process, we are reaching out to raise young leaders in the schools we visit.

This CATCH-THEM-YOUNG initiative is designed to groom them early to learn leadership skills, as they apply them in their schools and in all aspects of life.

We hope to achieve this by establishing through our leadership academy and clubs in these schools.


The average African is raised with a “get-a-job” mentality. We are deliberately infusing the spirit of enterprise in the young people. That, way there would be a paradigm shift to “make-a-job” mentality.
Through this scheme, we plan to raise young entrepreneurs, who will contribute effectively to the prosperity of their country and help in eradicating unemployment.
Some of the students are trained on entrepreneurial skills, as we give them platforms to acquire hands-on-skills.

Free Books Distribution

One of our MAJOR GOALS at Project Revamp Africa is to improve the READING CULTURE of the students.

Each session with the students is largely covered by reading (individual, group and collectively). Using the books as a guide (syllabus) for the first level of the intervention, they communicate to the students, pertinent and practical knowledge, which they require for a successful academic journey and life ahead.

We want to the students to fully grasp the value and power of reading. It is our responsibility to lead, guide and show them.

At present, we have distributed over 25,000 books and educational materials in different schools across the federation.

The feedback has been amazing.

Your donation of at least N1000 ($3) gives a student the opportunity to own these educational materials and receive four sessions of high impact teaching for FREE.

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Why we are different

Our approach, style of communication with the children and the duration of our sessions make it easy for the children to relate easily and apply in their lives. The immediate impact on the children is always amazing!

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