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Excellence In Character and Academic Performance Programme

ECAP is a high impact personal leadership programme through which REVAMP Africa provide life skills teaching and mentoring to equip underserved youths in public secondary schools.

ECAP equips students with the tools and skills required to drive improvement in their character, academic performance, inter-relationship and personal leadership.

In a bid to also improve the reading culture, this programme is implemented via a facilitator-led reading and teaching format.

Our programmes provide secondary students with pertinent, practical and relevant knowledge, equipping them with relevant tools that they require for a successful academic journey and life ahead.

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Programme Implementation: Classroom Based

Programme Duration: 4 Weeks

Programme Grade Level: Junior and Senior Secondary School Students

Our facilitator-led sessions involve high-impact teaching sessions, very engaging group discussions and reflective personal assessments for the children.

Why we are different

Our approach, style of communication with the children and the duration of our sessions make it easy for the children to relate easily and apply in their lives. The immediate impact on the children is always amazing!

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